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Using Cultural Practices to re-educate minds.

RA Cultural Consultancy Services and Tours (RA CCS) was established in 2010 to highlight where African History fits into the time line of African presence in Western society before slavery.  Looking at African contributions to society we explore the areas of science, technology, literature, the arts and architectural design.

Although modern day African history has been introduced into the school curriculum with the topics such as the American Civil Rights Movement, the contributions to human rights via Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela African history dating back to the pre-christian era is rarely taught.

If pupils are only presented with the struggles that the African people faced during and after the slave trade, an indirect but negative stereotype can be created even if the intention of the teacher is to foster an attitude of equality and justice. It is the aim of RA CCS and Tours to provide interesting, enriching and factual information about the positive aspects of African history which will inevitably leads to pupils of all cultural backgrounds, developing a more balanced perception of this vibrant and vitally important part of our collective history.

RA CCS and Tours also provides guided tours of Bristol City Centre which offers pupils the chance to explore the city’s local and ancient African history.  We can also cater the tours to cover the curriculum requirements of your school.